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ETI Tempelmann – a brand in the market. It has stood for reliability for over 30 years now and is directly associated with the term rail track materials by many market participants. Continuously growing experience distinguishes us from other providers today. The constant development of quality management makes ETI Tempelmann and our HPQ suppliers a strong partner also for Deutsche Bahn with Q1 certification.

Die forgings & Track rail material

We supply forged, cast and stamped parts for track rail construction and switch construction as well as for other branches of industry. We achieve our delivery flexibility through extensive warehousing and through the fastest possible production, even of small quantities from new tools by our partner companies.

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Our product range includes products for the following areas:


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It’s Spring

The cool days are over, tulips and daffodils are stretching their colourful blossoms towards the sun and we humans are also drawn back out into nature. After the corona measures of the past winter, we really deserve it.

Please note the public holidays and our company holidays on which we are closed:

26-27.05.2022 Ascension Day

06.06.2022 Whit Monday

26-27.06.2022 Corpus Christi

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We wish our customers and partners happy holidays and stay healthy!

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